Mediterranean Gourmet

Mediterranean Gourmet is an online retailer and wholesaler specialising in gourmet products from across the Mediterranean. 

Our signature product is RX Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), which offers single estate vintages from the famed lands of Ancient Elis, the headquarters of the Ancient Olympic Games. 

It is on the lands that slope toward the famous Pineios River, redirected by Hercules in one of his great feats, that RX Estates groves are found. Pure, unadulterated, authentic Greek EVOO, RX Little Stones Estate, Riverine Estate and The Olives Estate EVOOs come straight from the groves to the olive press to the vats and bottles supplied directly to us.

We've also sourced bespoke and premium olive oil dispensers, bottles, fusti and bulk storage containers from Italy and France, to ensure the freshness and organoleptic properties of these beautiful EVOOs are retained.

Our gourmet products come from Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal, and we're always adding boutique selections from artisan producers who share our passion for authentic and eclectic foods.

We hope you enjoy our range of vinegars, sauces, condiments, pastas, risottos, jams, cheeses, chocolates and more.

If you have a favourite you've found while travelling the Mediterranean, be sure to drop us a line and we'll ensure to do our best to find it for you.